presentTERRA Creative is the full-service creative agency for Wellness Advocates. We are a team of creative professionals trained in FDA compliance policies and immersed in the wellness culture. We are Wellness Advocates serving Wellness Advocates. There’s no other agency out there like us!

Here are the top creative services we offer - all of these projects can made into custom projects, and multiple services can be packaged together for long-term projects. We’ve included our project minimum rates for you to reference (projects minimums can be all-inclusive or are the deposit amount depending on the project scope).

If you don’t see a service you are looking for, just ask us about it! We’re a full-service agency with a team of creative rockstar/ninjas/magicians (they’re pretty amazing). We make it a point to offer competitive pricing for our fellow Wellness Advocates to support sharing wellness, your brand, and your message. 

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